Ebola Deaths Drop? A Lot of Empty Beds, Fewer Pickups Now

Morris Mohammed Kromah survived Ebola, but 12 family members did not. Struggling to hold back emotions after losing the twelfth, his 12-year-old daughter last week, Kromah will no doubt be among the unlucky thousands of Liberians to benefit from Ebola units being constructed by the U.S. government in various parts of the country. more»

An Anonymous U.S. $25 Million to Help Curb Maternal Deaths in Ethiopia

The University of Michigan (U-M) announced on Wednesday (October 8) that it would commit an anonymous grant of US$25 million to help eradicate maternal deaths in Ethiopia. more»

West Africa: French Ebola Patient Cured; Duncan 'Critical'

The health ministry of France says a French nurse who contracted Ebola in Liberia while working for Doctors Without Borders has recovered. more»

U.S. Experts to Study How Nigeria Beat Ebola

The United States' Center for Disease Control has despatched staff members to study how Nigeria contained the Ebola virus disease. more»

UN Calls for U.S. $1 Billion to Fight Ebola


UN Security General Ban Ki-Moon has announced that the world body will need nearly U.S. $1 billion for an exceptional international response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. more»

Obama Spells Out U.S. Response to Ebola Crisis

President Barack Obama says responding to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is a top priority of the United States and the U.S. government is working with the United Nations and other partners to help Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. more»

Ebola Death Toll Rises Above 2,600

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced Thursday that the Ebola outbreak, which has killed more than 2,600 people, showed no signs of slowing, with 700 new cases reported in the last week with data available. more»

MSF's New Ebola Centres Already Overwhelmed

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is rapidly scaling up its operations in Liberia as the international response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to be chaotic and entirely inadequate. more»

U.S. Rejects Nigeria's Request for Trial Drug

The U.S, refused to share an experimental trial drug with Nigeria. more»

Ebola Virus Deadlier Than HIV/AIDS, Say Experts

Medical experts have declared the Ebola virus as the most difficult health challenge confronting third world countries, and is deadlier than HIV/AIDs. more»

Slight Improvement for Doctor with Ebola

The Samaritan's Purse physician and a missionary working with a partner organization remain in serious condition more»

The Cost of Maternal Death in Kenya

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) deadline of 2015 is approaching but there are concerns that Kenya will fail to achieve some of them. more»

2.6 Million Living With HIV/Aids to Access Services

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has said the 2.6 million people living with HIV in Benue and Cross River States are to benefit from improved access to qualitative treatment. more»

Red Cross Condemns Fraudulent Ebola Vaccine Claims

"The Liberian Red Cross says it is NOT providing vaccination to any Ebola patient as being speculated in the public. Claims of a fraudulent vaccine have been circulating around the country. (file photo) more»

My Hospital Is Payback for Free Education Nigeria Gave Me

For renowned Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and reproductive biologist, Prof. Akinloye Bamigboye, his homecoming to Nigeria is about fulfilling the wish of his late father and pay back to the country that had bequeathed free education. (file photo) more»

Demand in Sex Industry for Unsafe Sex Hampers Fight Against HIV

Efforts to reduce new HIV infections are being hampered by demand for unprotected sex, which comes at a higher price. (file photo) more»

Why HIV Does Not Kill Anymore?

When it comes to HIV, it is not the virus that kills you, it is everything else.The thought amongst many is that taking anti-retroviral is all that one needs, but the struggle with HIV requires comprehensive treatment. (file photo) more»

West African Health Ministers Meet On Ebola Crisis

Health ministers and officials from 11 West African countries are in the Ghanaian capital Accra for a two-day meeting on the Ebola epidemic. (file photo) more»

Teenagers With HIV Rebel Against Drug Regimen

The defaulter's club in Kenya is a growing movement of teenagers born with HIV who deliberately take 'holidays' from their life-saving medication. (file photo) more»

Dust Unsettles Mining Community

Evan Schneider/UN Photo

Paragraph Every day at 4pm the small community of Pullenshope in Hendrina is shaken by a loud explosion, earth-shaking tremors and clouds of dust. Situated less than a kilometre from the Eskom-owned Hendrina Power Station, residents say respiratory illnesses are on the rise. (file photo) more»

Fear and Ignorance Aid Spread of Ebola

An Ebola outbreak in West Africa that appeared to be winding down has flared up again, with officials blaming the resurgence on ignorance and a lack of experience in handling the virus. (file Photo) more»

Unknown Unknowns Hamper Global Malaria Fight

Some 60 percent of countries where malaria is endemic lack solid information about the quality of available drugs to treat the deadly disease, according to a new study. (file Photo) more»

Sirleaf Tackles One of Africa's Highest Maternal Death Rates

Midwife examining and expecting mother. Liberia's maternal death rate remains among the highest in sub-Saharan Africa, but the government is trying to change that. This year, President Sirleaf announced that reducing maternal deaths was among her government's top priorities. more»

Spare the Rod, The Biology of Poverty and Violence

Scientific advances in human biology may soon have a profound bearing on the policies that governments and organizations adopt towards young mothers, caregivers and babies in poor and stressed communities. (file photo) more»

Global Summit Looks to Immunisation to Save Millions of Lives

Immunisation took centre stage this week at a global summit on maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) organised by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and featuring GAVI Alliance CEO Dr Seth Berkley. (file photo) more»

More Protection for Healthcare Workers Needed

Experts are calling for increased protection to healthcare workers and patients in crisis situations in the face of growing attacks on health facilities, which challenge notions of their neutrality. (file photo) more»

Africa: Report Says Health Workers Are Targets

A Sierra Leone health worker hands a health card to a mother: Health workers are frequently becoming targets in countries undergoing conflict or civil unrest, according to a new report. more»

Critics Say Uganda's New HIV Law a Giant Step Backward

A Ugandan bill criminalizing the "willful" transmission of HIV and mandating HIV tests for certain groups is awaiting the president's signature to become law. (file photo) more»

Move Over Quinoa: Ethiopia's Teff Poised to Be Next Big Super Grain

Teff harvest in Northern Ethiopia: Ethiopia is the native home of teff, a highly nutritious ancient grain increasingly finding its way into health-food shops and supermarkets in Europe and America. more»

Call for Integrated Approach to HIV and TB in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is facing challenges in eliminating tuberculosis say health experts, who are calling for much greater integration of HIV and TB programmes within the healthcare system. (file photo) more»

HIV/Aids Affecting Fishing Industry in Malawi

Malawi fish market: Malawi's Ministry of Agriculture has acknowledged that child labour and HIV/Aids are affecting the fishing industry, and many fishermen are dying of the pandemic. more»

Cameroon Steps Up War On Malaria Amid Worsening Floods

Cameroon is seeking ways to mobilise its citizens to support a government-led campaign against soaring malaria deaths, as worsening floods aggravate health risks. (file photo) more»

Botched Abortions Fill Kenyan Hospital Beds

Kenyatta National Hospital: The number of illegal and unsafe abortions performed is still high and accounts for up to 40% of occupancy in public hospitals due to complications. Three years after a new Kenyan constitution made it legal to terminate a pregnancy when a woman's life or health is at risk, it is still difficult to procure an abortion in a Kenyan public hospital, partly because of concern about the legality of each case. more»

Mozambique: Bringing High-End Care to Those Who Need It Most

Medecins Sans Frontieres has introduced viral load monitoring in Mozambique last year, the gold standard of care for HIV patients. (file photo) more»

Ebola Outbreak 'Defeated' in Nigeria

An excerpt from an address on October 19 by Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, to its Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean: more»

Number of Youth With TB Increasing

There is a significant increase in the number of patients suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) amongst young people in Tanzania. According to Kibong'oto National Tuberculosis Hospital (KNTH) Director, Dr Riziki Kisonga, the most affected are people in the age of between 25 and 46. more»

Liberia: Malaria Causing More Deaths - Ngafuan

Liberia's Foreign Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan says the country has been left with inadequate resources, time and personnel to attend to other routine illnesses like malaria, typhoid fever and measles, thereby causing many more tangential deaths. more»

First U.S. Case of Ebola Diagnosed in Dallas

News that a man in the United States has been diagnosed with Ebola has raised new fear about the spread of the disease. more»

WHO Meets Over Ebola Therapies, Vaccines

The World Health Organization is convening a major meeting of nearly 200 experts in Switzerland to discuss possible cures and vaccines for the deadly Ebola virus. more»

Sierra Leone's Ebola Lockdown Was 'A Success'

Sierra Leoneans are emerging from the homes following a three-day lockdown during which officials say more than a million households were checked for Ebola patients. more»

Another Nigerian Ebola Positive

Nigeria has recorded one more case of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), Minister of Health Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu has confirmed. more»

U.S. Stepping Up Ebola Support - Envoy

U.S. Ambassador to Liberia Deborah Malac has called for the lifting of travel restriction on countries affected by the Ebola outbreak in west Africa. more»

More Ebola Survivors Discharged

Four additional confirmed patients of Ebola Virus Disease have been discharged from the isolation centre of the Mainland Hospital in Lagos. more»

Liberia Closes Borders - Dr. Brisbane Confirmed Dead

In the wake of the rapid death toll from the Ebola virus in the country, the Government of Liberia has announced the closure of all borders except major entry points. more»

Sex-for-Food Scheme Expose Children to STIs

Health officials have attributed the increase in STI infection in a Zimbabwean holding camp to the" food for sex" syndrome in which government officials at the holding camp are allegedly demanding sexual favors from inmates in return for food. (file photo) more»

UNAIDS Chief Calls for End to 'Hypocrisy' in Fighting HIV/AIDS

The head of the United Nations agency dealing with HIV and AIDS today urged world leaders at an international conference in Australia to end the hypocrisy on sex and make treatment and reproductive health education universally available. (file photo) more»

Suspected Ebola Patient Dies At JFK Medical Center, Nurses Abandon Work

Normal working and medical activities at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center were halted on July 11th for several hours as a result of the death of a suspected Ebola patient at the hospital. (file photo) more»

'You Ain't Know Ebola in Town?'

As the World Health Organization announces that the number of fatalities from the deadly Ebola virus has risen to more than 500, allAfrica's Boakai Fofana, who heads the Monrovia bureau, blogs about how Liberians are coping amid some denial about the existence of the disease in that country. (file photo) more»

Simple Solutions Can Save Babies

Kenya's high newborn death rate of 31 out of every 1,000 live births can be greatly reduced through simple solutions. (file photo) more»

Sirleaf Vows Prosecution for Anyone Hiding Ebola Patients

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has called on all Liberians to now see the Ebola epidemic as a national public health emergency, saying anyone found or reported to be holding suspected Ebola cases in homes or prayer houses will be prosecuted. (file photo) more»

Ebola Epidemic 'Out of Control'

350 people in West Africa have died from Ebola since the beginning of the year - more than ever before. Experts are trying to contain the fatal virus that has spread from Guinea to Sierra Leone and Liberia. (file photo) more»

Don't Mix Politics With Health Issues

Paragraph President Sirleaf. Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf visited Redemption hospital amid reports of ebola fear. She used the conference with health workers to rebuff individuals to desist from mixing the current health crisis with politics. more»

Diabetics Demand More Helpful Information

New HIV Guidelines Could Hamper ART Rollout

In an interview last week, National Aids Council (NAC) operations director Mr Raymond Yekeye said while the new guidelines were an aggressive step forward, they represented a compromise as it was difficult to get HIV positive people with a CD4 count of about 500 with no signs of Aids to get tested. (file Photo) more»

Ongoing Ebola Outbreak Highlights Research Shortcomings

Microscopic image of the Ebola Virus. As the deadly Ebola virus continues to strike West Africa, experts are calling for more research to help deal with future outbreaks and limit the chance of a pandemic. more»

South Sudan Capital Faces Worsening Cholera Outbreak

Health officials are warning that a cholera outbreak in South Sudan's capital, Juba, which has left 23 people dead and forced more than 670 others to seek treatment, could be getting worse. (file photo) more»

Antibiotic End Game - What Are the Implications for Africa?

One of the most important medical interventions of the last 70 years was the widespread availability of antibiotics to cure previously untreatable infections. (file photo) more»

"Why Did My Wife Stop Taking Life-Saving HIV Medication?"

As Kouakou Brice, from the Ivory Coast, tries to come to terms with his wife Leonine's death, he finds it hard to understand why she stopped taking her HIV medication. (file photo) more»

Viral Load Testing Dismally Absent in Africa

As Africa scales up antiretroviral therapy for HIV positive people, concerns are rife that the absence of mass routine viral load testing will hamper extending treatment to the millions who need it. (file photo) more»

HIV Organisations Feel the Bite of Anti-Homosexuality Legislation

A nurse prepares ARVs: Barely three months after Uganda's draconian Anti-Homosexuality Act was signed into law, civil society organisations are under investigation for "promoting homosexuality". more»

Kenya: State Should Pay Killer Brew Victims

Democratic Movement leader Kalonzo Musyoka said the government must compensate the families of more than 70 people who have died after consuming the poisonous brew. (file photo) more»

Working to Ensure Mother and Child Survival

Toyin Saraki's (pictured) efforts on behalf of mother and child survival are part of a growing global push to invest in the health of women and their families. more»

State of the World's Mothers Report Shows Impact of Crises

Save the Children's 15th annual State of the World's Mothers report examines the impact of humanitarian crises on maternal, newborn and child survival. (file photo) more»

World On Brink of Post-Antibiotic Era


Resistance to common antibiotic medicine has been recorded in every region of the world, according to a report just released by the World Health Organisation. (file photo) more»

Breakthrough On Tsetse Flies

Following 10 years of research, a team of scientists has successfully sequenced the genetic code of the tsetse fly (pictured), opening the door to scientific breakthroughs that could reduce or end the scourge of African sleeping sickness in sub-Saharan Africa. more»

One Man's Struggle to Get HIV Treatment for His Village

Osborn Hamilenge is a determined man who cycles more than 30 kilometres from his Zambian village around five times a month to get HIV medication for friends and neighbours. (file photo) more»

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