Burkina Faso: Compaoré Grooming Brother to Rule?

Updated: Mon 3 Sep, 05:33 am 2012

There are some indications that President Blaise Compaoré has accepted that his time as the official head of state of Burkina Faso is coming to an end and is therefore beginning to organize his … read more »

Burkina Faso Stalls On Clit Repair Hospital

Updated: Tue 11 Mar, 05:22 am

The government has reportedly changed its mind about allowing a new hospital that seeks to help women who have undergone genital cutting to operate in the country. read more »

Is Burkina Faso's Compaoré On Way Out?

Updated: Fri 17 Jan, 05:37 am

Having been in power since 1987, analysts say there are several signs that the country may soon experience a political turnover that will end President Blaise Compaore's 26-year rule. read more »