Burkina Faso After Compaoré

Updated: Mon 10 Nov, 12:52 pm

The departure of former president Blaise Compaore may offer Burkina Faso an opportunity to improve its democratic and developmental performance, but important challenges lie ahead, including the role … read more »

Burkina Faso Swears in Interim President

Updated: Wed 19 Nov, 04:49 am

Former foreign minister Michel Kafando has pledged to "respect and defend the constitution, the transition charter and laws, and do everything to guarantee justice for all Burkinabes." read more »

Burkina's Interim Leader Rejects AU Deadline

Updated: Fri 7 Nov, 08:35 am

The interim leader of Burkina Faso, Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida, has dismissed the African Union's two-week deadline to hand power to civilians. read more »