More Funding Needed for Growing Refugee Problem

Updated: Fri 24 Feb, 11:16 am 2012

The UN is calling for more funding to help the nearly 130,000 people who have been displaced by fighting in northern Mali. read more »

Burkina Faso Stalls On Clit Repair Hospital

Updated: Tue 11 Mar, 05:22 am

The government has reportedly changed its mind about allowing a new hospital that seeks to help women who have undergone genital cutting to operate in the country. read more »

Is Burkina Faso's Compaoré On Way Out?

Updated: Fri 17 Jan, 05:37 am

Having been in power since 1987, analysts say there are several signs that the country may soon experience a political turnover that will end President Blaise Compaore's 26-year rule. read more »