Work Begins on South Africa's New Smart City

Updated: Mon 12 Jan, 06:22 am

The area will be developed into a financial hub, with as many as 35 000 houses, an educational centre, a hospital, medical centre and a sports stadium. read more »

Solving Housing Shortages and Pollution with Plastic Bottle Homes

Updated: Mon 29 Dec, 04:55 am

Plastic waste clogging drains and waterways is now common in many African cities. Flooding and the pooling of stagnant water reduces water quality and provides a breeding ground for malaria carrying … read more »

South Africa Pushes for Giant Inga Hydro Project in DR Congo

Updated: Wed 5 Nov, 07:03 am

The Grand Inga Dam in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which could generate enough electricity to power half of Africa, may prove to be South read more »