West Africa Signs EU Trade Agreement

Updated: Tue 22 Jul, 09:12 am

The Economic Partnership negotiating group comprising of states from the Economic Community of West African States and Mauritania, became the first African region to officially conclude and endorse a … read more »

Swiss Decline to Probe Angolan Debt Deal

Updated: Fri 7 Feb, 06:39 am

The U.S.$750 million loan agreement between the government and Russia benefitted Angolan government officials - including President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos - and involved Swiss banks. read more »

Africa Takes on Europe Over Business Deals

Updated: Wed 1 Dec, 08:34 am 2010

Africa squared up to fight for a better economic deal with the European Union as Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi opened a key summit warning the continent was ready to do business elsewhere. read more »