Kenyans Frown On U.S. Star Tyrese's Bottled Water Idea

Updated: Thu 26 Mar, 07:11 am

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and actor Tyrese Gibson has suggested that unopened bottles of water, that are usually dumped by travellers in American airports, should be shipped to rural parts of … read more »

Kenya: 'Racist' Chinese Restaurant Owner Faces Charges

Updated: Thu 26 Mar, 07:18 am

A statement said that the restaurant owners do not have a valid liquor licence and have not complied with the public health requirements. read more »

South African Author Beaten for Supporting Salman Rushdie

Updated: Thu 26 Mar, 07:55 am

Zainub Priya Dala was assaulted by three men after she praised Salman Rushdie at a writing workshop. read more »