Liberian Scientist Invents Virus Test

Updated: Wed 21 Jan, 10:31 am

Dougbeh Chris Nyan, a research scientist, has created a diagnostic test that can identify seven different viruses at the same time. read more »

New-Generation Solar Panels Far Cheaper, More Efficient

Updated: Tue 27 Jan, 11:31 pm

Solar panels, made from a mineral called perovskite, have the potential to convert solar energy into household electricity more cheaply than ever before, a study shows.   read more »

Nigerian Students Solve Power Shortages With Urine

Updated: Mon 26 Nov, 06:20 am 2012

Most Nigerians have to rely on generators because of the epileptic power supply. Many businesses have also closed down because they cannot afford to buy expensive fuel from the black market to power … read more »