Scanner May Reshape Malaria Testing

Updated: Thu 2 Jan, 08:03 am

Malaria testing requires expensive equipment and skilled technicians which are often not available in resource-poor settings. read more »

Africa Reaches Through the Skies

Updated: Fri 28 Mar, 04:48 am

South Africa has launched the first of 64 antennas that will make up the MeerKAT radio telescope, the country's precursor to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), planned to be the world's biggest radio … read more »

S. Africa: Cutting Edge Laboratory Launched

Updated: Tue 8 Jul, 11:04 am

iThemba Laboratory at the University of Johannesburg has launched the continent's first Accelerated Mass Spectrometry facility which will assist in areas including  in areas, including global and … read more »