South Sudan Women Propose Sex Strike

Updated: Fri 24 Oct, 05:03 am

A group of activists have appealed to women across the country and in the diaspora to consider denying their husbands sex until the conflict in the country is resolved. read more »

South Sudan Leaders Accept 'Blame' for Unrest

Updated: Thu 23 Oct, 04:11 am

In a peace deal signed in Arusha Tanzania, President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar have accepted mutual responsibility for a 10-month civil war in which thousands have been killed. read more »

Tanzania to Mediate in South Sudan

Updated: Thu 16 Oct, 05:43 am

Tanzania has agreed to mediate a political dispute between opposing sides with the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement of South Sudan in a bid to end the conflict which resulted in civil war in the … read more »