Suspected Boko Haram Militants Attack Cameroon

Updated: Wed 11 Jun, 06:55 am

Villagers have fled Gorsi Tourou in northern Cameroon after more than 300 heavily armed men, suspected to be members of the radical Nigerian group, Boko Haram, reportedly attacked and began looting … read more »

Tanzania On Alert Over Possible Attacks

Updated: Fri 20 Jun, 04:58 am

According to Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda, the government is planning to work with both local and international organisations to investigate and curb incidences of bomb attacks in Zanzibar. read more »

80 Al-Shabaab Members Killed - Kenya Army

Updated: Tue 24 Jun, 03:06 am

The Kenya Defence Forces under the African Union Mission in Somalia has vowed to "relentlessly keep up the pressure" after the attack in the lower Jubba region. read more »