Al-Shabaab Recruiting in Kenya – Report

Updated: Mon 29 Sep, 06:19 am

According to a report by Think Tank International, Al-Shabaab militants and other local terror groups are taking advantage of historical injustices of marginalisation among Muslim communities to … read more »

Crackdown - Terror Suspects Flee Uganda

Updated: Thu 18 Sep, 05:39 am

According to security sources, two suspected Al-Shabaab militants have escaped police custody following a crackdown that saw 25 people arrested. read more »

Family of Somali Fighter in Syria Speaks

Updated: Thu 18 Sep, 09:11 am

The father says he does not have conclusive evidence his 29-year-old son Abdifatah Dayib Ahmed, also known as Abdirahman Muhumed, was fatally wounded fighting along side Islamist militants in Syria. read more »