Somalia: Somaliland Sponsoring Al Shabaab?

Updated: Tue 25 Mar, 09:38 am

The President of Somalia's Northeastern State of Puntland has accused Somaliland's separatist administration of giving financial support to Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab. read more »

Terror Crackdown Splits Kenya's Ruling Party

Updated: Tue 8 Apr, 06:00 am

The ongoing crackdown on terror suspects in the country has degenerated into a war of words in the ruling Jubilee Coalition. read more »

Kenya: Bomb Suspects Linked to Westgate

Updated: Mon 24 Mar, 03:05 am

Suspects in the twarted Mombasa bomb have been linked to the organisers of the terrorist attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi. read more »