Lucrative Nature of CAR War Hinders Peace

Updated: Fri 1 Aug, 05:19 am

The 'sobel' phenomenon  - which refers to fluid loyalties of armed men in war zones who interchangeably appear as rebels and soldiers - provides them with an incentive to lengthen the conflict to … read more »

Cameroon's Muslims Shun Boko Haram

Updated: Thu 31 Jul, 06:59 am

In a concerted effort to distance themselves from the extremist Nigerian group Boko Haram, Muslim leaders in Cameroon have been organising workshops, seminars and public demonstrations to sensitise … read more »

Nigerian Govt Denies Paying Chibok Parents

Updated: Fri 1 Aug, 04:11 am

The Presidency has denied allegations that President Goodluck Jonathan gave a N100 million to the parents of the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants. read more »