Security Forces in Tanzania Impound Illegal Firearms

The campaign against ownership of small arms by the police in the country has been branded a success.
Photo: Capital FM

Illegal firearms.

  • Tanzania:  Owners of Illegal Firearms Get Ultimatum

    Tanzania Daily News, 5 December 2012

    THE government has issued an ultimatum to owners of illegal and unregistered firearms to surrender them immediately after a recent operation netted 304 such weapons. read more »

  • Tanzania:  Tanzania Sets One-Month Grace Period for Handing Over Illegal Firearms

    The New Times, 5 December 2012

    Tanzanian authorities have announced a one-month grace period for people possessing unlicensed firearms to surrender them voluntarily, in a move aimed at checking the rising tidal ... read more »

  • Tanzania:  Police Arrest Three Suspected Armed Robbers

    Arusha Times, 15 September 2012

    Police in Arusha region have arrested three suspected armed robbers including two women, in possession of fire arms. read more »

  • Tanzania:  Suspected Poacher Caught With Gun Inside Flowing Robes

    Arusha Times, 8 September 2012

    Three more suspected poachers in Tarangire National Park have been arrested with firearms they allegedly used to kill wild animals, police in Babati reported last week. read more »

  • Tanzania:  Court Assessor Arrested for Illegal Arm Possession

    Tanzania Daily News, 5 August 2012

    A COURT assessor at Lusahunga Primary Court in Biharamulo district, has been arrested by police for allegedly being in unlawful possession of a sub-machine gun (SMG) with 248 ... read more »

  • Tanzania:  Arms Marking Exercise Starts

    Arusha Times, 21 July 2012

    A call has been made to the residents of Arusha Region who are possessing arms, including companies and Government institutions, to report to Police Stations together with their ... read more »

  • Tanzania:  Minister to Probe Illegal Weapons Sale to Congo-Kinshasa

    Tanzania Daily News, 21 July 2012

    RUKWA regional security organs have been tasked to investigate allegations of sale of weapons through the Rupila Island Lodge to neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). read more »

  • Tanzania:  Dar es Salaam Bandit Sentenced to Seven Years for Illegal Gun Possession

    Tanzania Daily News, 31 March 2012

    A NOTORIOUS bandit was on Friday sentenced to seven years in prison at the Kisutu Resident Magistrates' Court after he was found guilty of possessing a hand gun without a valid ... read more »