Ethiopians Stranded in Tanzanian Forest

Updated: Tue 2 Sep, 05:00 am

Police in Tanzania have arrested 48 illegal immigrants from Ethiopia in Ubena forest, Bagamoyo district. The Ethiopians had been abandoned by their agents for at least 15 days without food or water. read more »

Fear Grips Tanzania as Snipers Shoot Drivers

Updated: Mon 18 Aug, 05:50 am

A group of motorcycle riders has allegedly been shooting motorists around town, and female drivers seem to be the main targets. read more »

Albinism - Alarm Over Killings in Tanzania

Updated: Tue 26 Aug, 06:17 am

The United Nations Human Rights officials have called on the protection of people with albinism following an increase in ritual attacks and killings in the country. read more »