Liberia Questions Recalled U.S. Visas

Updated: Mon 28 Jul, 08:38 am

Following the reported revocations of the U.S. visas of three top officials, including a member of the country's Supreme Court bench, the Liberian government says it's made a "proper representation" … read more »

Nigeria's Kano State Rocked By More Blasts

Updated: Tue 29 Jul, 09:37 am

Kano State has been rocked in seperate incidents, by multiple explosions allegedly set off by three female suicide bombers, claiming several lives and leaving many injured. read more »

Kenya's Police Recruitment Audit Slammed

Updated: Tue 29 Jul, 10:11 am

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority says it has no confidence in the multi-agency working group formed to investigate irregularities in the recent police recruitment. read more »