Tanzanians Criticize Budget Airline Over Services

Since the launch of the first real low cost carrier, passengers and stakeholders alike have greeted the company with mixed feelings as far as their customer relations go.
  • Tanzania:  Mixed Feelings Greet Low Cost Airline Entry

    Tanzania Daily News, 11 December 2012

    A WEEK after FastJet, the first real low cost carrier, started its operations in Tanzania's market, passengers and stakeholders have greeted the airline with mixed feelings on ... read more »

Fastjet: Low cost Tanzania airline.

  • Tanzania:  Increased Flights Lead to Commotion At Airports

    Tanzania Daily News, 10 December 2012

    AIRPORTS passenger terminals, across the country, have been outpaced by increased number of passengers creating commotion during departures and arrivals. read more »

  • Tanzania:  TCAA Sheds Light On Fastjet Fares

    Tanzania Daily News, 7 December 2012

    THE country's air fares are fully liberalized for all air operators, both conventional and low cost carriers, but fare undercutting is not allowed. read more »

  • Tanzania:  Will This 'Cheapest Airline' Solve December's Transport Blues?

    Tanzania Daily News, 3 December 2012

    AT the time when tens of thousands of Tanzanians are about to start their annual end-of-the-year helter-skelter rush and scramble for buses, an airline which charges cheapest fares ... read more »

  • Tanzania:  Airlines Battle for Tanzania's Market

    East African Business Week, 5 December 2012

    Budget airline, Fastjet, has announced a plan to operate a fleet of up to 15 A319s Airbus aircraft over the coming year. read more »

  • Tanzania:  Swissport, Fastjet Seal Business Deal

    Tanzania Daily News, 3 December 2012

    SWISSPORT International, the world's leading provider of ground handling services to the aviation sector, has sealed an agreement with Africa's new low-cost carrier (LCC), Fastjet, ... read more »