DR Congo Women Need Voice in Talks

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is ‘the 'capital of rape',’ says Bineta Diop, the founder of Femmes Africa Solidarité. In the country’'s ongoing crisis all sides have used sexual violence as a weapon, making it crucially important that women participate in peace talks currently taking place in Kampala, Diop says.

  • Congo-Kinshasa:   Bring Women into DRC Peace Talks - Diop

    allAfrica, 16 December 2012

    It's a country the size of all of western Europe, with enormous mineral riches that enable the artifacts of modern life, from mobile phones and tablets to circuit boards and solar… Read more »

Displaced families in Mugunga camp near Goma contend with rocky volcanic soil and lack of food, water, medicines - and shelter from the rainy season, which has begun.


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