Congolese Refugee Uses Music to Help Society

Updated: Fri 26 Sep, 09:03 am

Jeremiah Mbaha's love of music has enabled him to provide aid to other refugees and set up a forum for artists in exile with help from UNHCR and the agency's partners. read more »

Rwandan Rebels Threaten to Remain Armed

Updated: Mon 8 Sep, 06:18 am

The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda rebels have defied orders to surrender as the January 2015 deadline to disarm and repatriate peacefully nears. read more »

Conflicting Figures - Rwanda Refugees in DRC

Updated: Thu 21 Aug, 11:13 pm

According to a  confidential report sent to New York by United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is over 150,000 Rwandan refugees in the … read more »