Conflicting Figures - Rwanda Refugees in DRC

Updated: Thu 21 Aug, 11:13 pm

According to a  confidential report sent to New York by United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is over 150,000 Rwandan refugees in the … read more »

Rwandan Rebels Kill Civilians in DR Congo

Updated: Thu 5 Jan, 09:20 am 2012

The Rwandan rebel group, FDLR, has killed 39 people in the Shabunda region of South Kivu, human rights groups have told Radio Okapi. read more »

Rwanda, DR Congo Armies Clash At Border

Updated: Thu 12 Jun, 03:58 am

Rwandan and Democratic Republic of Congo troops have clashed at the border, followed by accusations of provocation from both governments. Rwanda has accused DRC soldiers of crossing into Rwandan … read more »