DRC Residents Expelled From Brazzaville

Updated: Thu 17 Jul, 03:36 am

The authorities in Congo Brazzaville are expelling citizens of DR Congo, despite the signing of a free movement of people agreement between both countries in June. read more »

DR Congo's Infectious Happiness Goes Viral

Updated: Fri 18 Jul, 09:22 am

The video is an adaptation of Pharrell Williams' song 'Happy' and has inspired artists to depict and celebrate Goma's fun, vibrant and joyful side. read more »

Rwanda, DR Congo Armies Clash At Border

Updated: Thu 12 Jun, 03:58 am

Rwandan and Democratic Republic of Congo troops have clashed at the border, followed by accusations of provocation from both governments. Rwanda has accused DRC soldiers of crossing into Rwandan … read more »