Malawi President Auctions State Plane

In her latest attempt to improve the state of her impoverished nation President Joyce Banda has reportedly offered a 14-seater presidential jet to the highest bidder. She recently took a pay cut and resumed aid flows from Western donors. The aid-dependant country crumbled under the late Bingu wa Mutharika who fought with potential donors.
  • Malawi:  Banda to Auction Presidential Jet, 29 January 2013

    Malawi's Capital FM has reported that the Malawian government is offering its 14-seat presidential jet, worth more than U.S.$13m five years ago, to the highest bidder. read more »

2013 IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde visits Malawi

  • Malawi:  President Faces a Crisis of Confidence

    Inter Press Service, 22 January 2013

    She has taken a personal pay cut, promised reforms, resumed aid flows from Western donors and put her predecessor's private jet up for sale. read more »

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    Fahamu, 17 January 2013

    Malawi has gone from bountiful maize crops to renewed uncertainty: Strong, democratic leadership and sound policies are essential for ensuring food security read more »

  • Malawi:  President Slashes Her Own Salary, 4 October 2012

    Malawian President Joyce Banda has decided to cut her salary by 30% in support of her government's austerity measures. read more »

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    ThinkAfricaPress, 28 August 2012

    With Joyce Banda in charge and with international donors returning, what are Malawi's prospects for growth and stability? read more »

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    Daily Maverick, 10 June 2012

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