Tanzania’s Military Ready in Malawi Border Dispute

Updated: Wed 8 Aug, 03:30 am 2012

The government has said it will exhaust all diplomatic channels in a border dispute with Malawi over Lake Nyasa, but the country's armed forces will be prepared to step in if diplomacy fails. read more »

Zimbabwe's Mugabe - Sick or Partying?

Updated: Tue 8 Jul, 07:20 am

Speculation around President Robert Mugabe's health continues with reports alleging that he collapsed, while others claim he was out partying in Malawi on the weekend. read more »

Who Owns the Lake Between Malawi and Tanzania

Updated: Mon 8 Oct, 05:41 am 2012

The border dispute on the lake between Malawi and Tanzania is partly related to the unconfirmed but promising potential for huge oil and gas reserves under its shores. Perhaps more than anything else, … read more »