HIV Drugs Misused in Malawi

Updated: Thu 4 Sep, 09:52 am

People in Malawi are reportedly buying antiretroviral drugs meant for people living with HIV, and misusing them to brew traditional gin as well as fattening livestock. read more »

Why Joyce Banda Lost Malawi Election

Updated: Tue 10 Jun, 09:51 am

While bookmakers believed the eleven-horse race would give Banda hot competition, very few expected her to lose after just over two years in power, writes The New Times' Kenneth Agutamba. read more »

Tanzania’s Military Ready in Malawi Border Dispute

Updated: Wed 8 Aug, 03:30 am 2012

The government has said it will exhaust all diplomatic channels in a border dispute with Malawi over Lake Nyasa, but the country's armed forces will be prepared to step in if diplomacy fails. read more »