Baba Jukwa Battles Zimbabwe's Mugabe on Facebook

An anonymous Facebook character has become popular for attacking and disclosing alleged top Zanu-PF secrets ahead of elections.
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    South African Institute of International Affairs, 31 July 2013

    If there is one thing that is different to the 2008 Zimbabwean elections, it is that the 2013 election has a new 'candidate'. His name is Baba Jukwa. The anonymous social media... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Baba Jukwa Using Facebook to Battle Mugabe

    ThinkAfricaPress, 24 July 2013

    A disaffected ZANU-PF insider leaking details of fraud and inside information from an anonymous Facebook page has become an online sensation. But will it change anything?read more »

Photo: Herald

President Robert Mugabe.

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    Zimbabwe Standard, 30 June 2013

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