Zimbabwe Ambulance Crew Flees Ebola Scare

Updated: Tue 21 Oct, 03:29 am

An ambulance crew from Kwekwe abandoned their vehicle when they realised that the emergency call-out was for a patient who may have been infected with Ebola. read more »

Zimbabwe Hospital Closed Over Ebola Scare

Updated: Sun 19 Oct, 01:07 pm

Wilkins Infectious Hospital was shut down following a suspected case of Ebola involving a Congolese national who is studying at Harare Polytechnic. read more »

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Warned of Civil Unrest

Updated: Mon 20 Oct, 03:48 am

There are fears that the country may face civil unrest due to an economic down-turn and the government's failure to deliver promises made ahead of the last election. read more »