Voters' Roll Concerns Ahead of Zimbabwe Poll

The failure of the Zimbabwe Elections Commission to provide all political parties with the voters' roll as required by the Electoral Act has raised concerns about the body's competence and impartiality.

VIDEO: Contentious Zimbabwe Elections Draw Millions of Voters

Six-million Zimbabweans have reportedly registered to cast their vote in the country's general elections on Wednesday. see more »

Photo: IRIN

Election day in Mbare, Harare. (file photo)

  • Zimbabwe:  Security Sector Agents Take Over Election Process

    Voice of America, 30 July 2013

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    New Zimbabwe, 29 July 2013

    WE now have one day to go until the election. I have just this morning, July 29, 2013, spoken to our Elections Director in Harare and she advises that despite repeated requests we ... read more »

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    New Zimbabwe, 29 July 2013

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    Voice of America, 29 July 2013

    Zimbabwe's general public doesn't vote until Wednesday, but already there are cries of fraud. read more »

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    New Zimbabwe, 29 July 2013

    ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson, Justice Rita Makarau said Monday that her organisation was ready to hold credible elections on Wednesday. read more »

  • South Africa:  Zuma Optimistic About Zim Elections

    South African Press Association, 29 July 2013

    President Jacob Zuma called on Zimbabwe on Monday to stage peaceful elections this week. read more »

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    Financial Gazette, 25 July 2013

    AT the time of this publication, Zimbabwe will be six days away from what looks like a destiny-defining election. read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Political Parties Still Don't Have the Voters Roll

    SW Radio Africa, 24 July 2013

    With just one week to go before the general elections, political parties have still not been given the national consolidated voters roll. read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Voters' Roll Follies

    AfricaFocus, 23 July 2013

    "The analysis also revealed a number of discrepancies between census data and registered voters across all age groups. For instance there are approximately 831,482 people in the ... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Registered Voters Reach 6,4 Million

    The Herald, 22 July 2013

    ZIMBABWE'S total registered voters is now over 6, 4 million after 747 928 new voters were registered under the just ended national mobile registration that ran between June 10, ... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  What Does ZEC Have to Hide?

    Zimbabwe Independent, 19 July 2013

    AS the general elections draw closer, it is increasingly becoming clear Zimbabwe is not ready for the polls despite what Zanu PF officials and their state media hacks would have us ... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Serious Shortcomings On the Voters' Roll - Missing Urban Voters and Young Voters, 12 July 2013

    The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) has noted serious irregularities in the Voters' Roll purchased by the organisation from the Office of Registrar General on 19 June, ... read more »