Zimbabwe's Mugabe Turns 90

The country's leader remains firmly in control of the government with considerable support, with no plans to retire as he celebrates his 90th birthday. Robert Mugabe is the continent's oldest leader and has been in power since the country attained its independence in 1980.

  • Zimbabwe:   Another Birthday Bash for Mugabe

    SW Radio, 14 March 2014

    Yet another party to celebrate President Robert Mugabe turning 90 years of age last month was held Friday in Harare with more than 1,000 people thought to have attended. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Mugabe Defies Age, Clings to Power

    Zimbabwe Standard, 23 February 2014

    PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe turned 90 on Friday, marking a milestone in the life of a leader who continues to defy the odds and outmaneuver his younger political opponents. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Mugabe Celebrates 90th Birthday

    VOA, 23 February 2014

    Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe celebrated his 90th birthday Sunday in Marondera, about 70 kilometers east of Harare. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   'I Don't Want to Leave Party in Tatters'

    The Herald, 24 February 2014

    President Mugabe  last week held a wide ranging interview with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation's Tazzen Mandizvidza  in which he spoke at length about various… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Mugabe Turns 90 Amid Health Concerns

    VOA, 21 February 2014

    Africa's oldest head of state, Robert Mugabe, turned 90 years old Friday, amid concerns about his health and the cost of his birthday festivities. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   21st Movement for a Better Generation

    The Herald, 21 February 2014

    WE join the nation in congratulating President Mugabe on the occasion of his 90th birthday. This milestone coming as it does at a time when some detractors have been spending… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   U.S $1 Million Party As Robert Mugabe Turns 90

    SW Radio, 21 February 2014

    President Robert Mugabe turned 90 years old Friday amid plans by his party to splurge at least $1 million on a grand ceremony scheduled for Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Has Mugabe Shut the Door On Mujuru and Mnangagwa?

    SW Radio, 21 February 2014

    President Robert Mugabe has admonished factional leaders in ZANU PF, insinuating the rivalry between Vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has divided… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Mugabe Bans Zanu-PF Succession Debate

    New Zimbabwe, 20 February 2014

    PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has effectively banned open discussion around his succession within Zanu PF, insisting the subject risked fuelling bitter factional fights rocking the… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   All Roads Lead to Marondera

    The Herald, 22 February 2014

    Marondera residents are ready to host the 21st February Movement celebrations at Rudhaka Stadium tomorrow, with youths expressing joy that they have been chosen to honour President… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Mugabe At 90 - Dictator or Freedom Fighter?

    Deutsche Welle, 20 February 2014

    Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe turns 90 on Friday. In the West, he is perceived as a dictator, but in Africa he still has many supporters. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   All Set for Mugabe's 90th Birthday

    The Herald, 21 February 2014

    All is set for the 21st February Movement celebrations at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera on Sunday, with Mashonaland East province expressing its readiness to host the big event. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   President Mugabe's Birthday Bash, More Than Just a Celebration

    RNW Africa, 19 February 2014

    For much of the world, the date "February 21st" passes unnoticed. But for Zimbabweans, the day marks President Robert Mugabe's birthday, and the contradictions which underlie the… Read more »


  • Zimbabwe:   Artistes Celebrate Big Day

    The Herald, 21 February 2014

    All roads lead to Gwanzura Stadium in Highfield today for a bash to celebrate President Mugabe's 90th birthday. Different artistes are expected to grace the event which is… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Mugabe - the Man and His Works

    The Herald, 21 February 2014

    A lot has been written and said in general about Comrade Robert Mugabe at home and abroad, still a big question remains who is Robert Mugabe? Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Police Forced to Finance Mugabe Bash

    Zimbabwe Standard, 9 February 2014

    POLICE in Mashonaland East province have reportedly been forced to contribute US$2 each towards the US$1 million birthday celebrations for President Robert Mugabe later this month. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Bob '90 Super Cup On Cards

    The Herald, 16 January 2014

    THE Bob Super Cup will once again create some explosive pre-season soccer battle when it returns to the fold under a new format for the fourth time in as many editions. The… Read more »

Photo: Herald

President Robert Mugabe.