Libya Militias Seize Tripoli Govt Offices

The Libyan government has reported in a statement that it has lost control of state offices in Tripoli to armed militias.

  • Libya:   Militias Seize Tripoli Govt Offices

    Deutsche Welle, 1 September 2014

    Ministry and state offices in Tripoli have been seized by armed militias. The loss of control comes just days after the country's interim government resigned, following the… Read more »

  • Libya:   Who's Fighting Whom?

    Deutsche Welle, 2 September 2014

    With violence and chaos raging in Libya, dozens of militias are fighting for control of the country. But what are their objectives, and who's supplying them with funds? Read more »

  • Libya:   Libyans Rejoice Over UN Resolution

    Magharebia, 29 August 2014

    Libyans hail the United Nations' move aimed at ending the violence in their country. Read more »


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