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The Invisible Working Lives of Africa’s Youth

To better understand the main drivers and influences of the behaviour, income, and activities of young people in Africa, the MasterCard Foundation conducted a youth livelihoods diaries research. The research report: Invisible Lives: Understanding Youth Livelihoods in Ghana and Uganda documents how rural young people pursue "mixed livelihoods" to generate income, combining temporary and seasonal work in the informal and formal sectors by working for themselves and others. According to Lindsay Wallace, Director, Learning and Strategy, The MasterCard Foundation, "the research highlights the absence of formal employment opportunities facing millions of young Africans, as well as the complexity they face in establishing sustainable and productive livelihoods." Read more. Dowload report

New research supported by The MasterCard Foundation found that young people in Ghana and Uganda faced considerable difficulties in finding consistent ways to earn income, particularly a steady wage income.

Wepia, working in an electrical repair shop in Ghana.