Leaders to Discuss Action on DR Congo Rebels

Updated: Mon 19 Jan, 06:26 am

About 1,400 members of one of the groups responsible for the Rwandan genocide have failed to meet a deadline to disarm voluntarily. read more »

Envoys Want Rwandan Rebels Disarmed, Zuma Issues SADC Warning

Updated: Mon 19 Jan, 06:26 am

United Nations, European Union and American envoys to the Great Lakes region have called for military action to force Rwandan rebels based in the Democratic Republic of Congo to surrender and disarm. … read more »

Rwandan Rebels Held Talks in Tanzania

Updated: Tue 20 Jan, 01:56 am

According to a report by the United Nations, leaders of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda have been holding several meetings in Tanzania. read more »