Protests Against Rwanda Genocide Film

Updated: Wed 15 Oct, 02:14 am

Survivors of the 1994 genocide living in Europe have staged a demonstration at the British Broadcasting Corporation headquarters in London to protest what they called the blatant denial of the … read more »

Burundi: Rwanda Speaks On Lake Rweru Corpses

Updated: Thu 2 Oct, 06:11 am

President Paul Kagame has said Rwanda is ready and willing to work with Burundi or the region to help investigate why bodies surfaced on the Burundi side of Lake Rweru, which is on the border of the … read more »

Rwandan Genocide Suspects Arrested in Sweden

Updated: Thu 25 Sep, 06:07 am

Two men have been arrested in Sweden on the alleged involvement of the 1994 genocide. Other countries that have in the past convicted suspects for participating in the genocide are Belgium, Canada, … read more »