South African Union Breaks from Ruling Party

Updated: Tue 28 Oct, 10:58 am

The National Union of Metalworkers SA has criticised Cosatu for its near-expulsion from the union collective over its alleged transgression of the core principles. read more »

Africa's Widening Youth Unemployment Gap

Updated: Thu 14 Mar, 05:29 am 2013

The continent is not creating enough jobs to absorb the 10 to 12 million young people entering its labour markets each year, writes John Page of This is Africa. read more »

Mega-Green Initiative Set for South Africa's Karoo

Updated: Wed 29 Oct, 05:39 am

Comprising a conference and tourism precinct as well as a four megawatt solar panel field, the project Giant Flag, takes its name from its most inspired element - a 66 hectare South African flag made … read more »