A Global Compact on Africa's Agriculture

Updated: Thu 29 Jan, 03:29 am

By developing uncultivated arable areas, relying more on irrigation, and substantially enhancing agricultural productivity in a sustainable way, Africa can make a big leap in fighting hunger, … read more »

Food Security in Africa Depends on Secure Land Rights

Updated: Mon 12 Jan, 04:32 pm

Africa's celebration of a "Year of Agriculture and Food Security" is also a call to boost agricultural development. One in four people in sub-Saharan Africa are undernourished despite the region's … read more »

Ethiopian Wins Yara Award

Updated: Wed 17 Sep, 06:18 am

The Yara prize for the year 2014 has been awarded to Minister of Agriculture, Tekalign Mamo Assefa, for his efforts to improve the livelihoods of farmers through his scientific knowledge and … read more »