'Agriculture Best for Creating Jobs'

Updated: Wed 3 Sep, 10:26 am

The agriculture sector is more effective than the oil and gas sectors not only at creating jobs but boosting growth, says the Africa Progress Panel and Sipho Moyo of One at the AGRF summit in Addis … read more »

Tanzania Women Farmers to Revive Cashew Trade

Updated: Wed 3 Sep, 08:50 am

In the agricultural sector, women are engaging in serious farming, concentrating on crops such as sisal, tobacco and cashew nut farming. read more »

Africa's Soil Health in the Spotlight

Updated: Fri 22 Aug, 06:34 am

A lack of agriculture extension services and a scarcity of basic soil supplements have contributed to severely depressed yields for crucial staples, a report by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in … read more »