Africa's Soil Health in the Spotlight

Updated: Fri 22 Aug, 06:34 am

A lack of agriculture extension services and a scarcity of basic soil supplements have contributed to severely depressed yields for crucial staples, a report by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in … read more »

Drought Sparks Fears of Violence

Updated: Tue 25 Jan, 01:11 am 2011

The ongoing drought in different parts of Africa may threaten food security, fuelling spread of riots over food price increases, economists have warned. read more »

African Leaders Urged to Rethink Agricultural Policies

Updated: Tue 1 Jul, 10:45 am

Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa urged African Union member states to seriously rethink policies on agriculture, whose share of GDP, he warned, has been on the … read more »