Green Revolution Forum Kicks Off in Addis

Updated: Mon 1 Sep, 09:39 am

Agriculture. Food security. Small-scale farmers. Agriculture research. Did your eyes glaze over? Thought so. The agriculture sector still struggles to shake the perception of being dull and tedious, … read more »

Africa's Soil Health in the Spotlight

Updated: Fri 22 Aug, 06:34 am

A lack of agriculture extension services and a scarcity of basic soil supplements have contributed to severely depressed yields for crucial staples, a report by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in … read more »

Imported Milk Floods Tanzania Market

Updated: Thu 27 Dec, 05:21 am 2012

Lack of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processing plants in the country has led to an influx of imported long-life milk from other African countries. read more »