'No Reason for Any Rwandan to Be a Refugee'

Updated: Thu 2 Oct, 04:51 am

The government has requested the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to revitalise the implementation of the Cessation Clause, which was invoked after it was concluded that there is no reason … read more »

Nigerian Refugees In Dire Straits in Cameroon

Updated: Tue 7 Oct, 01:25 am

Thousands of Nigerians who fled attacks by the Boko Haram militant group are living under dire conditions in Cameroon's refugee camp. read more »

Ethiopia Refugee Camp Becomes World's Second Largest

Updated: Tue 20 Nov, 02:01 am 2012

A camp that was set up in Ethiopia to shelter Somali refugees has hit a record high of 170,000 making it the world's second largest refugee complex, according to the United Nations. read more »