Somali Refugees Struggling in Kenya - Report

Updated: Fri 12 Sep, 03:55 am

Refugees International has called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to increase efforts to protect Somali refugees, who are facing multiple threats to their rights and security. read more »

Somali Refugees in Kenya Call for More Effective Aid Delivery

Updated: Fri 6 Jul, 06:19 am 2012

Somalis in Kenya's northeastern Dadaab refugee camp are calling on food aid agencies to do constant monitoring during the food distribution as the food is insufficient and delivery ineffective. read more »

Civil Unrest In Central African Republic

Updated: Tue 17 Jun, 01:54 pm

The growing systematic violence occuring in the Central African Republic has forced hundreds of thousands to flee the country as refugees, without addequate food or medical services. The international … read more »