Guinea Bissau: Arrest of Drug Lords a 'First Step'

Updated: Tue 13 Aug, 06:11 am 2013

Some observers have warned that in order for the anti-drug fight to have a lasting and positive effect on the country's stability, there needs to be more emphasis on the trial of former navy chief … read more »

Guinea-Bissau's Post-Coup Recovery

Updated: Tue 17 Jun, 06:53 am

The successful legislative and presidential elections has raised hopes that the country can move closer to the end of a two-year political crisis marked by international isolation and a devastating … read more »

Winner Declared in Guinea Bissau Poll

Updated: Thu 22 May, 04:11 pm

The country's electoral body has declared Jose Mario Vaz winner of the presidential run-off election but his opponent, Nuno Gomes Nabia, say he will not accept the result as the figures collected by … read more »