Dispute Over Uganda's Railway Deal

Updated: Tue 19 Aug, 06:11 am

A dispute between the government and two Chinese companies over the U.S. $8 billion standard gauge railway deal is threatening to stall the project. read more »

Tanzania Warned Over Oil, Gas Subsector

Updated: Wed 26 Mar, 01:19 am

The private sector has cautioned the government not to make the same mistake in the oil and gas industry as witnessed in the mining sector where multinationals benefited more than the country did. read more »

Kenya Rail Project Receives China Aid

Updated: Wed 4 Sep, 08:49 am

A U.S.$3.75-billion loan from China has boosted plans for construction of a standard gauge railway that will run from Mombasa to Nairobi, with a planned extension to Malaba and Kampala by 2018. read more »