Road Connecting Ethiopia, Kenya Opened

Updated: Thu 4 Sep, 05:36 am

The Yabelo-Mega road which connects Kenya and Ethiopia has been inaugurated and openned for traffic. According to the Ethiopian Roads Authority, the construction of the road took over three years. read more »

Ethiopia's Dam Talks 'Successful'

Updated: Sun 31 Aug, 10:50 am

Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed on implementing recommendations from the panel of experts about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. read more »

Kenya Rail Project Receives China Aid

Updated: Wed 4 Sep, 08:49 am 2013

A U.S.$3.75-billion loan from China has boosted plans for construction of a standard gauge railway that will run from Mombasa to Nairobi, with a planned extension to Malaba and Kampala by 2018. read more »