Malaria Hits Northern Cameroon

Updated: Tue 29 Oct, 09:36 am

A malaria upsurge in the town of Maroua, in the far north of Cameroon, has led to the death of hundreds of people. read more »

World Must Keep Focus on Anti-Malaria Fight

Updated: Tue 4 May, 11:39 am 2010

On World Malaria Day, experts say the fight against malaria is bearing fruit, but that the world must not become complacent or distracted. read more »

Malaria - Keeping a Crafty Killer on the Run

Updated: Fri 26 Apr, 04:52 am 2013

Imagine that snake attacks were killing a person a minute. Or that it was dogs, or foxes or chickens that were killing three-quarters of a million people a year. Envision the non-stop media coverage - … read more »