Malaria Cases on the Rise in Angola

Updated: Thu 25 Apr, 10:23 am 2013

The country has recorded more than 200 cases of malaria infections in the past three months , a trend that paints  a gloom picture on the fight against the disease. read more »

Malaria - Keeping a Crafty Killer on the Run

Updated: Fri 26 Apr, 04:52 am 2013

Imagine that snake attacks were killing a person a minute. Or that it was dogs, or foxes or chickens that were killing three-quarters of a million people a year. Envision the non-stop media coverage - … read more »

Scanner May Reshape Malaria Testing

Updated: Thu 2 Jan, 08:03 am

Malaria testing requires expensive equipment and skilled technicians which are often not available in resource-poor settings. read more »