Africa: Dealing with Malaria Needs New Approach

Updated: Sat 26 Mar, 04:29 am 2011

Eliminating malaria by controlling mosquitoes may prove impossible unless control programmes consider that mosquitoes reproduce faster as their numbers dwindle, says a study. read more »

Has Africa Found a Cure for Malaria?

Updated: Thu 30 Aug, 05:26 am 2012

A new discovery holds promise for preventing the transmission of malaria and may potentially eradicate it altogether. read more »

Malaria - Keeping a Crafty Killer on the Run

Updated: Fri 26 Apr, 04:52 am 2013

Imagine that snake attacks were killing a person a minute. Or that it was dogs, or foxes or chickens that were killing three-quarters of a million people a year. Envision the non-stop media coverage - … read more »