Major Progress in Malaria Fight - Report

Updated: Wed 11 Dec, 02:11 pm

Malaria mortality rates have dropped by 45 percent globally and by 49 percent in Africa since 2000, and most of the 3.3 million people saved have been children, according to the World Malaria Report … read more »

Vaccine Needed as Malaria Resistance Builds

Updated: Mon 14 Oct, 03:06 am

Scientists have presented the results of a clinical trial on a malaria vaccine which shows promising results, as the parasite becomes increasingly resistant to existing drugs. read more »

Malaria - Keeping a Crafty Killer on the Run

Updated: Fri 26 Apr, 04:52 am 2013

Imagine that snake attacks were killing a person a minute. Or that it was dogs, or foxes or chickens that were killing three-quarters of a million people a year. Envision the non-stop media coverage - … read more »