Ebola in Liberia - Malaria Must Be Treated Too

Updated: Mon 3 Nov, 04:33 am

Every year, malaria claims victims in Liberia. The disease is endemic there. However, with the Ebola epidemic, it has become very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain treatment. In response, MSF … read more »

Soccer Icons, African Leaders Join Malaria War

Updated: Tue 23 Oct, 09:14 am 2012

African football stars and heads of state have joined United Against Malaria in the distribution of life-saving malaria prevention and treatment messages throughout the tournament. read more »

Rolling Out Malaria Vaccine Research

Updated: Mon 10 Nov, 12:39 am

Scidev.net talks to Faith Osier, an award-winning scientist, about her team's work on child and adult immunity to malaria and how it can aid vaccine development. read more »