Malaria Cases on the Rise in Angola

Updated: Thu 25 Apr, 10:23 am 2013

The country has recorded more than 200 cases of malaria infections in the past three months , a trend that paints  a gloom picture on the fight against the disease. read more »

R&D Funding Rise May Set Stage for Malaria Eradication

Updated: Fri 6 Dec, 11:54 am

A new report hails recent progress in reducing malaria illnesses and deaths, but warns that new tools are needed to fight emerging drug and insecticide resistance. read more »

Vaccine Needed as Malaria Resistance Builds

Updated: Mon 14 Oct, 03:06 am 2013

Scientists have presented the results of a clinical trial on a malaria vaccine which shows promising results, as the parasite becomes increasingly resistant to existing drugs. read more »