SA Unveils New Amnesty Plan for Zimbabweans

Updated: Wed 13 Aug, 08:02 am

The South African government has unveiled a new Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Permit, which will grants applicants a three-year amnesty extension, ending months of speculation. read more »

South Africa Toughens on Zimbabwe Immigrants

Updated: Wed 21 May, 03:16 am

The South African government has announced that thousands of Zimbabweans who received work permits through a special dispensation project will now have to go back to their country to renew them. read more »

DRC Residents Expelled From Brazzaville

Updated: Thu 17 Jul, 03:36 am

The authorities in Congo Brazzaville are expelling citizens of DR Congo, despite the signing of a free movement of people agreement between both countries in June. read more »