Malawi Woman 'Gives Birth to Doll'

Updated: Thu 30 Oct, 03:58 am

A Lilongwe woman has allegedly given birth to a doll, Malawi24 has said. read more »

'Babies Dying Gets Me Where It Hurts'

Updated: Fri 26 Apr, 04:10 pm 2013

Most of the methods to save the life of a newborn - like antiseptic for the umbilical cord - are simple, but three million babies die a year. The first Global Newborn Health Conference held in … read more »

Are Traditional Events to Blame for High Girl-Child Pregnancies?

Updated: Tue 27 Nov, 05:33 am 2012

Elders, parents and teachers have cited traditional ceremonies involving all-night dancing as one of the reasons for the high rate of girl-child pregnancies and consequent increase in school … read more »