Drama of the 'Miracle' Mom with 8 Babies Continues in Nigeria

Updated: Thu 29 Sep, 09:23 am 2011

The dust raised by the alleged birth of eight babies in less than one year is yet to settle. While the alleged mother of the babies insist they are hers, even after a negative DNA test, there are … read more »

Namibian Fertility Clinic Records First Birth

Updated: Wed 10 Apr, 08:54 am 2013

The country's first and only fertility clinic has recorded its first successful birth through in vitro fertilisation, a process which makes it possible for couples faced with infertility to conceive. read more »

S Africa: Antenatal Care to Reduce Deaths

Updated: Fri 10 Oct, 07:15 am

A new report shows that timely access to considerate antenatal care could prevent the deaths of hundreds of women and girls in South Africa during and after pregnancy. read more »