Why Africa Prefers Doing Business With China

Updated: Tue 8 Jan, 04:46 am 2013

China has become Africa's largest financier of economy-boosting infrastructure, but will its economic model serve the continent's interests? read more »

Global Leaders Pledge Billions for Sahel

Updated: Tue 5 Nov, 12:45 pm

Global leaders have pledged over $8 billion to boost economic growth in the Sahel region of West Africa as they begin a United Nations-led visit to an area that has suffered for decades from … read more »

Guinea's Ebola Virus Has Investors Panicked

Updated: Wed 9 Apr, 06:38 am

Foreign investors are leaving the country in a panic since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus earlier this year and local workers are staying at home, threatening to bring the economy to a … read more »