From a Land of Famine to a Shining Star

Updated: Mon 3 Nov, 07:35 am

It is now three decades since Ethiopia experienced the infamous famine that cost the lives of more than a million people. The tragedy prompted the BBC's Michael Buerk to describe it as "a biblical … read more »

Invest in Africa's Youth for an 'Economic Miracle'

Updated: Mon 17 Nov, 11:45 pm

Africa can totally transform itself if it follows the example of east Asian countries and makes comparable investments in young people, says Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, executive director of the United … read more »

Ugandan Activists Concerned Over HIV Law

Updated: Fri 24 Oct, 02:47 am

Medical experts and HIV activists have expressed concern over the Uganda HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act which is causing people to shy away from seeking treatment. The Act contains clauses … read more »