Tanzania May Not Benefit Well From Gas Deal

Updated: Thu 24 Jul, 05:39 am

The discovery of natural gas in the country has given rise to many expectations, including the envisaged end to aid dependency, or an end to the government's financial woes, however no one knows how … read more »

Who Aids Whom?

Updated: Thu 17 Jul, 05:29 am

The true financial relationship of wealthy countries with Africa ... is a relationship in which the world doesn't aid Africa, but in which Africa aids the world, writes Judith Cavanagh of Health … read more »

Malawi's Mutharika Must Win Back Donor Support

Updated: Tue 1 Jul, 07:59 am

President Peter Mutharika promised during his election campaign, and repeated it at his inauguration, that one of the measures he would take to ensure public resources are being used prudently, would … read more »