New Tech Offers Hope of Tackling TB

Updated: Tue 25 Mar, 10:55 am 2014

Face masks incorporating satellite tracking and cough samplers are among the new technologies being tested to help researchers in South Africa try to control the epidemic of drug-resistant … read more »

Drug-Resistant TB May Claim 75 Million by 2050

Updated: Tue 24 Mar, 06:58 am

"The rising global burden of multidrug-resistant TB and other drug-resistant infections will come at a human and economic cost which the global community simply cannot afford to ignore," an economist … read more »

Fighting Drug-Resistant TB in South Africa

Updated: Fri 7 Nov, 02:35 am

When Phumeza Tisile was diagnosed with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis she thought was going to die but an antibiotic - that is not only very expensive but difficult to access - saved her … read more »