Fighting Drug-Resistant TB in South Africa

Updated: Fri 7 Nov, 02:35 am

When Phumeza Tisile was diagnosed with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis she thought was going to die but an antibiotic - that is not only very expensive but difficult to access - saved her … read more »

Better Research Funding Needed to Tackle TB

Updated: Thu 23 Oct, 06:14 am

The world is fighting a difficult battle against the spread of tuberculosis as a greater number of cases have been confirmed than previously estimated coupled with a shortfall in research funding, a … read more »

Better Child TB Diagnosis On the Horizon

Updated: Tue 17 Jun, 06:19 am

According to new research involving 2,800 children hospitalized in South Africa, Malawi and Kenya, the key to better TB diagnosis could lie in 51 genes found in the blood of infected children. read more »