Better Child TB Diagnosis On the Horizon

Updated: Tue 17 Jun, 06:19 am

According to new research involving 2,800 children hospitalized in South Africa, Malawi and Kenya, the key to better TB diagnosis could lie in 51 genes found in the blood of infected children. read more »

New Tech Offers Hope of Tackling TB

Updated: Tue 25 Mar, 10:55 am

Face masks incorporating satellite tracking and cough samplers are among the new technologies being tested to help researchers in South Africa try to control the epidemic of drug-resistant … read more »

Pros and Cons of High-Tech TB Testing

Updated: Wed 30 Oct, 08:28 am

A new and sophisticated tuberculosis test promises to be faster and more accurate than the old methods, but trials in real-life situations show it did not make any significant difference to treatment … read more »