Mozambique: Suspects Charged For Asians Kidnappings

The country's deputy interior minister announced that 22 suspects have been charged in connection with the wave of kidnappings of businessmen of Asian origin in Maputo.

A handgun and bullets.

  • Mozambique:   Another Kidnap in Maputo

    AIM, 10 February 2012

    The wave of kidnappings of Asian citizens in Maputo continued on Wednesday night when a woman, whose name has not so far been made public, was abducted at the crossroads between… Read more »

  • Mozambique:   Gangs Kidnap Businessmen

    AIM, 2 February 2012

    The Mozambican police have complained that the families of businessmen of Asian origin kidnapped by criminal gangs are not cooperating in the investigation - but prominent members… Read more »

  • Mozambique:   Did Kidnap Victims Owe Money to Loan Shark?

    AIM, 9 February 2012

    The recent kidnappings of Asian businessmen may be connected to the loan sharking operations run by Momad Assife Abdul Satar ("Nini"), suggests the latest edition of the… Read more »

  • Mozambique:   Two of Carlos Cardoso's Assassins Transferred

    AIM, 8 February 2012

    Investigations into a wave of kidnappings of Asian businessmen have led the Mozambican police to transfer two of the country's most notorious assassins from the Maputo top security… Read more »

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