Kenyan Electoral Body Accused of Transferring Voters

The Electoral Commission has disputed claims by some that voters are being ferried to register in Kilifi county.
  • Kenya:  IEBC Denies Voters Transfer Claims

    The Star, 5 December 2012

    The IEBC has dismissed claims by some aspirants that people are being ferried to register in Kilifi county. Kilifi North chief registration officer Hasan Mwakulonda says the ... read more »

Registering to vote.

  • Kenya:  Kilifi Leaders Raise Flag On Voter Import

    The Star, 4 December 2012

    KILIFI county commissioner Erastus Ekidor has directed the Kilifi North IEBC constituency election coordinator Hassan Mwakulonda to investigate claims that people from other ... read more »

  • Kenya:  Fisheries Minister Amason Kingi Warns On Voter Transfer

    The Star, 3 December 2012

    Fisheries minister Amason Kingi has warned against the ferrying of voters from one area to another. Kingi said voter-buying is illegal and warned that anyone found conducting it ... read more »

  • Kenya:  Police Bust Voter-Ferrying Racket to City's Westlands

    The Star, 29 November 2012

    Police in Limuru yesterday arrested 25 people who were allegedly being transported from Limuru to Westlands in Nairobi to register as voters. read more »

  • Kenya:  Youth Alarm On Voter Transfer

    The Star, 29 November 2012

    Kiambu National Youth Council delegates have asked the IEBC to stop politicians who are ferrying youth to register as voters in other areas. read more »