SA Farmworkers Wage Public Hearings Under Way

While COSATU continue to pledge their support for the farm workers' strike for a living wage, public hearings for the review of farmworkers' minimum wages continue. Hearings began yesterday where a labour department official questioned the viability of Western Cape farmworkers' demand for a 17 dollar minimum wage.
  • South Africa:  WCape Farm Hearings Continue

    South African Press Association, 15 January 2013

    Public hearings for the review of farmworkers' minimum wages continue in the Western Cape on Tuesday. read more »

Photo: Wikipedia

Vineyard in South Africa's Western Cape

  • South Africa:  Cosatu Reaffirms Support for Farm Workers' Strike

    Congress of South African Trade Unions, 14 January 2013

    The Congress of South African Trade Unions pledges its total support for the farm workers' strike for a living wage. There can be no excuse for the pathetic level of pay – ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Le Chasseur District in Uproar

    Commercial, Stevedoring, Agricultural and Allied Workers Union, 14 January 2013

    In the Le Chasseur District (20km outside of Robertson), farm workers have taken to the streets in protest after an attempt at negotiation failed. read more »

  • South Africa:  Leadership Must Be Shown in Farmworker Strike Says Zille and Van Rensburg

    South African Government, 11 January 2013

    It is essential that Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant actively intervene in the violent farmworker strike currently underway which is centred in De Doorns and is now in its third ... read more »

  • South Africa:  Minister Calls for Restraint in Farmworkers' Protest, 11 January 2013

    Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant has called on parties in the Western Cape agricultural sector to settle their industrial disputes through talking and negotiations. read more »

Police on standby(file photo): protests in the wine lands in the Western Cape have grown violent as clashes between police and striking farmworkers continue.