Global Leaders Pledge Billions for Sahel

Updated: Tue 5 Nov, 12:45 pm

Global leaders have pledged over $8 billion to boost economic growth in the Sahel region of West Africa as they begin a United Nations-led visit to an area that has suffered for decades from … read more »

S. Sudan Worries as Charities Face Crunch

Updated: Fri 4 Jul, 06:21 am

International organizations and NGOs say they face a massive shortfall in funding to tackle a growing food crisis in the country and fear some areas could slide into famine. read more »

Behind China's Aid Structure

Updated: Thu 19 Sep, 02:49 pm

China's role as an aid donor has been met with wariness, both from aid experts and recipients. Confusion over the nature of China's aid arises because the country uses multiple ministries and agencies … read more »