Billionaire's Son Pledges Aid to Congolese Refugees

Updated: Tue 16 Dec, 11:07 am

Howard G. Buffett, an American philanthropist and son of billionaire Warren Buffett, has pledged to help Congolese refugees currently living the country's camps repatriate. Buffett made the pledge at … read more »

Jeta Amata's ‘Real TV’ Series Fights Violence with Glitz, Glamour

Updated: Mon 24 Nov, 12:39 pm

Jeta Amata, director and producer of the widely acclaimed  2012 film, Black November - Struggle for the Niger Delta, now is producing Dawn in the Creeks, a television series that follows teams of … read more »

Millions Facing Hunger, Homelessness in East Africa

Updated: Thu 11 Dec, 01:54 am

The United Nations has appealed for urgent support to help meet the increasing needs of those affected in the region. read more »