Eritreans Fleeing Repression - UN

Updated: Sun 24 Aug, 07:28 am

A UN investigator reports that the situation in the country has deteriorated since last year, with about 4,000 Eritreans fleeing every month to escape indefinite national service, arbitrary arrest and … read more »

Is Ethiopia Making Overtures Towards Eritrea?

Updated: Thu 2 May, 07:50 am 2013

After more than a decade of low-level hostilities and sour relations, there are signs that Ethiopia and Eritrea could be ready to talk again. read more »

Eritrean Govt Accused of Arbitrary Detention

Updated: Thu 9 May, 06:26 am 2013

Thousands of Eritreans are reportedly detained without charge in the country's prisons often in deplorable conditions in an effort to silence dissent, says Amnesty International. read more »