Eritrea Blamed for Embassy Disturbance

Updated: Mon 6 Oct, 10:12 am

The Ethiopian government has pointed a finger at the opposition and Eritrea following a disturbance that took place at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC. read more »

Eritrea's 'Triumph, Betrayal and Hope'

Updated: Wed 22 Oct, 05:29 am

Eritrea is at peace, yet its people are flooding across its borders. As many are being caught reaching the shores of Europe as come from Syria, escaping from that nation's civil war, writes Martin … read more »

Eritreans Fleeing Repression - UN

Updated: Sun 24 Aug, 07:28 am

A UN investigator reports that the situation in the country has deteriorated since last year, with about 4,000 Eritreans fleeing every month to escape indefinite national service, arbitrary arrest and … read more »