GE Creates 'Kujenga' Innovation Initiative

Updated: Fri 7 Nov, 10:49 am

GE Africa is committed to leadership, integrity, partnership and human progress. GE Kujenga is a sustainability program in Africa. The word kujenga means "build" in Swahili, and GE is a partner in … read more »

Major Agency Cuts South Africa's Credit Rating

Updated: Mon 17 Nov, 05:42 am

Moody's Investors Service has made a surprise decision to downgrade South Africa's government bond rating by one notch, citing inter alia "a decline in the government's institutional strength amidst … read more »

Zimbabwe and South Africa to Boost Trade Ties

Updated: Tue 25 Nov, 02:46 am

Zimbabwe's industry and commerce minister says foreign direct investment is critical to resuscitate local industry. read more »