Presidential Trip Puts New Focus on U.S.-Africa Relations

Updated: Mon 15 Jul, 04:57 pm

What does President Obama's visit to three African countries mean for U.S.-Africa policy and the state of U.S. relations with the continent? Below are a various perspectives and presciptions from … read more »

Guinea's Ebola Virus Has Investors Panicked

Updated: Wed 9 Apr, 06:38 am

Foreign investors are leaving the country in a panic since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus earlier this year and local workers are staying at home, threatening to bring the economy to a … read more »

Zambia's Sata Tells Chinese Investors to Respect Labour Laws

Updated: Tue 27 Sep, 08:01 am 2011

Zambia's newly-elected President Michael Sata on Monday warned Chinese investors to respect the country's labour laws to avoid bad blood in workplace. read more »