Ghana Signs Millennium Challenge Compact to Boost Power Sector

Updated: Mon 18 Aug, 01:16 pm

The Government of Ghana signed a $498.2 million compact with the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation that should transform Ghana's energy sector and stimulate billions in private investment. The … read more »

China Solidifies Ties with African Partners

Updated: Wed 7 May, 09:25 am

Bilateral trade between China and African countries reached U.S.$210 billion in 2013 and Angola was China's second largest source of imported oil after Saudi Arabia, but the diplomatic dance between … read more »

Guinea's Ebola Virus Has Investors Panicked

Updated: Wed 9 Apr, 06:38 am

Foreign investors are leaving the country in a panic since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus earlier this year and local workers are staying at home, threatening to bring the economy to a … read more »