Nutrition in Kenya: Not Enough to Put Food on the Table

Updated: Sun 14 Oct, 11:50 pm 2012

More than a third of child deaths in Kenya are due to undernutrition. What's more, Kenya annually loses U.S.$2.8 billion of its GDP to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. AllAfrica examines why putting … read more »

Call for Shake-Up in Africa Nutrition Research

Updated: Tue 25 Feb, 05:40 am

The UN Children's Fund has lauded Rwanda's "home-grown solutions" to child hunger and malnutrition using community-based nutrition and health insurance programmes. read more »

Science's Role in Growing Diverse, Nutritious Food

Updated: Tue 26 Nov, 12:36 pm

Food security is an issue that touches all aspects of the development agenda, from agriculture and environmental management to economics, governance and social equality. Can science meet the demand … read more »