Burundi, Eritrea Top Global Hunger Index

Updated: Thu 16 Oct, 09:35 am

Two billion people worldwide suffer from hidden hunger, which is a lack of vitamins and minerals, weakens the immune system, stunts physical and intellectual growth, and can lead to death. read more »

Africa: Opportunity for Ending Hunger

Updated: Tue 23 Apr, 12:50 am 2013

The director-general of the FAO says the key to eradicating hunger lies in capitalizing on the successes of the countries who have already found solutions for food insecurity and malnutrition. read more »

Nutrition in Kenya: Not Enough to Put Food on the Table

Updated: Sun 14 Oct, 11:50 pm 2012

More than a third of child deaths in Kenya are due to undernutrition. What's more, Kenya annually loses U.S.$2.8 billion of its GDP to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. AllAfrica examines why putting … read more »