Terror, Islam Not Linked - Tanzanian Cleric

Updated: Thu 31 Jul, 06:16 am

According to the Dar es salaam region Chief Sheikh, Alhad Musa Salum, Islam should not be linked to the terror attacks in the country or other parts of the world. read more »

Woman Convicted of Apostasy Leaves Sudan

Updated: Fri 25 Jul, 03:03 am

A woman who was spared a death sentence for converting from Islam to Christianity, and then barred from leaving the country, has been flown to Italy. read more »

US Sanctuary for Sudan Death Row Woman

Updated: Mon 21 Jul, 04:58 am

Lawyers representing Meriam Ibrahim, a woman sentenced to death for converting to Christianity after marrying, and then subsequently freed, say authorities have released the family after they were … read more »