Hundreds Feared Dead in Attack on Nigerian Mosque

Updated: Fri 28 Nov, 04:31 pm

Dozens have died in an attack on the Central Mosque in Kano, but some reports suggest the death toll could be as high as 200. The attack came after the Emir of Kano had called on Nigerians to take up … read more »

Nigeria: TB Joshua Asks Court to Stop Collapse Inquest

Updated: Mon 24 Nov, 04:40 am

The pastor has asked the court to declare that the summons for him to give evidence on the circumstances of the tragedy that left over a hundred people dead in his building is a breach of his right to … read more »

Ethiopia's Ancient Christian Traditions

Updated: Fri 23 Dec, 09:35 pm 2011

Christmas is a time to be reminded of the ancient traditions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. read more »