US Sanctuary for Sudan Death Row Woman

Updated: Mon 21 Jul, 04:58 am

Lawyers representing Meriam Ibrahim, a woman sentenced to death for converting to Christianity after marrying, and then subsequently freed, say authorities have released the family after they were … read more »

Kenyan Church Attack Leaves Several Dead

Updated: Tue 25 Mar, 01:25 am

Several people have died and scores injured in Mombasa following a church shooting by alleged terrorists. read more »

Another Cleric Attacked in Mombasa, Kenya

Updated: Mon 17 Mar, 04:21 am

Radical youth in Mombasa have allegedly attacked a Muslim cleric near Masjid Musa mosque which was renamed to Masjid Shuhadaa. This comes after another cleric was attacked in December 2013 for … read more »