U.S. Secretary of State Flies Into Lagos

Updated: Mon 26 Jan, 08:15 am

The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry met both President Goodluck Jonathan and his challenger, Muhammadu Buhari, focusing on the elections in February. read more »

U.S. Increasingly Concerned Over Nigerian Election

Updated: Fri 23 Jan, 04:07 pm

The Obama administration is grappling with the most effective way to press for a fair and peaceful election next month in Nigeria. According to ThisDay, a leading Lagos daily, a high-level visit to … read more »

U.S., Europe Must Act Now on Nigeria

Updated: Thu 15 Jan, 03:02 pm

Given Nigeria's regional political and economic importance, the international community needs to push Nigeria up the global priority list and actively engage and help the country in trying to navigate … read more »