Kenyans Frown On U.S. Star Tyrese's Bottled Water Idea

Updated: Thu 26 Mar, 07:11 am

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and actor Tyrese Gibson has suggested that unopened bottles of water, that are usually dumped by travellers in American airports, should be shipped to rural parts of … read more »

U.S. Warns of Terror Attacks in Uganda

Updated: Thu 26 Mar, 09:25 am

The U.S. embassy has  warned its nationals of a possible terrorist attack in Kampala. read more »

Taylor's Son Apologizes to Liberians

Updated: Tue 30 Sep, 06:26 am

Charles Taylor Jr, widely known in Liberia as "Chucky", has made a public apology to Liberians from a prison cell in the U.S., where he is serving a 97-year jail sentence for his role in human rights … read more »