Zimbabwe: Maternal Mortality Funds to Be Disbursed

US$100 000 will be used for a pilot project which is going to see some clinics receiving maternal fees in advance so that women will get free care while giving birth.

HIV and child birth in Zimbabwe.

  • Zimbabwe:  Scrap Maternity Fees to Cushion Women

    The Herald, 27 March 2012

    Complaints by Harare Central Hospital that defaulting mothers are crippling operations by sneaking out without settling their fees are only the tip of an iceberg. read more »

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    The Herald, 7 March 2012

    THE European Union has availed €4 million (US$ 5,2 million) to support the Zimbabwe's health system. read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Plans Afoot to Scrap Maternity Fees

    The Herald, 22 February 2012

    GOVERNMENT has set up a committee to strategise the best way to scrap user fees for pregnant women. read more »

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    AN old rusty black pot sat in the corner of a dark room, its contents slowly seeping from three small holes forming a meandering "stream", which flowed onto a reed mat. On the mat ... read more »

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    The Herald, 17 January 2012

    MORE than a year after the office of the Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe fund-raised US$100 million for accelerated reduction of pregnancy-related deaths and complications ... read more »

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    The Herald, 1 August 2011

    Mary Nerwande, a 25-year-old woman who has a five-month-old baby boy from Unit O in Chitungwiza, is a living example of a mother and child health volunteer. Her child is healthy ... read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Mothers Give Birth On Floors in Gwanda

    Zimbabwe Standard, 2 July 2011

    Women in labour at a clinic in Gwanda are forced to deliver their babies on the floor as the institution does not have beds, an official has revealed. read more »

  • Zimbabwe:  Khupe Calls for Reduction of Maternal Mortality Rate

    Zimbabwe Standard, 3 April 2011

    There is need to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the country which is among the highest in the world, Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe has said. read more »