Rivers Run Dry Over Illegal Panning

Illegal mineral panning, by the poor, is threatening communities that are dependent on rivers for their livelihoods, experts say.

  • Zimbabwe:   Dying Rivers Dry Up Livelihoods

    UNIRIN, 25 April 2012

    Thousands of poor Zimbabweans have turned to illegal panning for precious minerals, but environmental and water experts say their activities are contributing to the drying up of… Read more »

Zimbabwean gold panners.

  • Zimbabwe:   Cost of Illegal Gold Panning

    Financial Gazette, 3 February 2012

    OVER the years, vast tracts of land have been dug up and gaping holes left in the earth as panners scour the country for its vast gold resources. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Economics of the Environment

    The Herald, 2 March 2012

    When the subject of the environment is broached, many people may just focus on pollution, sanitation, deforestation, veld fires and so forth, one of the major concerns should be… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Police Fight Running Battles With Gold Panners

    The Herald, 11 January 2012

    POLICE and illegal panners are engaged in furious running battles here following the invasion of Sherwood Farm by panners searching for alluvial gold. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Zinwa in Bid to Revive Dying Rivers

    The Herald, 4 November 2011

    "I went to Lake Chivero the other day with my wife and I did not like what I saw. I also went to Middle Sabi to see the Ratings Project and from the plane I was travelling in, I… Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Gold Panners Causing Havoc in Bindura

    Zimbabwe Standard, 30 October 2011

    THE Environmental Management Agency (EMA) says gold panners are threatening key infrastructure in Bindura town as they dig winding tunnels in search of the precious mineral. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Governor Slams Illegal Gold Panners

    The Herald, 16 October 2011

    AN influx of illegal gold panners in Bindura is threatening the town's infrastructure, Mashonaland Central Governor and Resident Minister, Cde Martin Dinha, has said. Read more »

  • Zimbabwe:   Illegal Settlements Choke Campfire

    The Herald, 4 April 2012

    HURUNGWE Rural District Council says its Community Areas Management Programme For Indigenous Resources is dying due to the illegal settlements, poaching and gold panning… Read more »