Invasive Armyworm Could Cause Mass Starvation In Africa

We're under attack by an army of worms and the invasion poses a major threat to our food security. The Fall armyworm is adding to the devastation already caused by the native African armyworm on a mission to strip us of our key food crops. All the way from the Americas, the Fall armyworm has so far been impossible to eradicate. This has already been a tough war, but are we going to win it?

  • Southern Africa:   Why It's Hard to Control the Fall Armyworm

    The Conversation Africa, 14 February 2017

    The native range of the Fall armyworm - Spodoptera frugiperda - is in South and North America. But it's rapidly spreading across Southern Africa. This follows the first reports of… Read more »

Maize crops in Zambia.


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