Burundi Leaps Ahead in Educational Progress

Updated: Mon 17 Sep, 08:16 am 2012

A report by the United Nations has revealed that Burundi topped the list of countries making the greatest strides in education, despite its status as one of the poorest countries in the world. read more »

Burundi Women Enter Male Drumming Domain

Updated: Thu 22 May, 08:24 am

Burundian women have taken up playing traditional drums, although some men regard the phenomenon as a positive step towards gender equality, for others it is an insult to the country's culture and … read more »

Burundi: Grappling With the Shame Rape

Updated: Fri 11 May, 09:06 am 2012

Throughout the 15 years of conflict in the country, violence against women, especially sexual abuse and rape, has been a widespread phenomenon. read more »