Burundi: Grappling With the Shame Rape

Updated: Fri 11 May, 09:06 am 2012

Throughout the 15 years of conflict in the country, violence against women, especially sexual abuse and rape, has been a widespread phenomenon. read more »

Politician Joins Congo Rebel Group

Updated: Thu 3 Jan, 12:23 am 2013

An opposition politician, Roger Lumbala, has reportedly become a member of M23, a group responsible for some of the violence in the eastern part of the country. read more »

Burundi Women Enter Male Drumming Domain

Updated: Thu 22 May, 08:24 am

Burundian women have taken up playing traditional drums, although some men regard the phenomenon as a positive step towards gender equality, for others it is an insult to the country's culture and … read more »