Burundi Leaps Ahead in Educational Progress

Updated: Mon 17 Sep, 08:16 am 2012

A report by the United Nations has revealed that Burundi topped the list of countries making the greatest strides in education, despite its status as one of the poorest countries in the world. read more »

Politician Joins Congo Rebel Group

Updated: Thu 3 Jan, 12:23 am 2013

An opposition politician, Roger Lumbala, has reportedly become a member of M23, a group responsible for some of the violence in the eastern part of the country. read more »

High Voter Turnout at Rolling Burundi Elections

Updated: Tue 25 May, 03:35 am 2010

The first rounds of Burundi's elections began with a high voter turnout. A presidential election is to be held in June and parliamentary polls in July. read more »