South Africa Bails Out Energy Provider Eskom

Updated: Tue 16 Sep, 06:36 am

The country's national treasury has announced the approval of a package to support Eskom to ensure that the energy security of the country is maintained - this while opposition parties are demanding a … read more »

Ghana Signs Millennium Challenge Compact to Boost Power Sector

Updated: Mon 18 Aug, 01:16 pm

The Government of Ghana signed a $498.2 million compact with the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation that should transform Ghana's energy sector and stimulate billions in private investment. The … read more »

Will 'Power Africa' Grow Sustainable Energy?

Updated: Fri 1 Aug, 06:07 am

Energy is recognised as a priority issue in the growing United States partnership with Africa, and is among the key themes of the U.S.-Africa Business Forum  being organised as an important core … read more »