Ghana Signs Millennium Challenge Compact to Boost Power Sector

Updated: Mon 18 Aug, 01:16 pm

The Government of Ghana signed a $498.2 million compact with the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation that should transform Ghana's energy sector and stimulate billions in private investment. The … read more »

Tanzania May Not Benefit From Gas Deal

Updated: Thu 24 Jul, 05:39 am

The discovery of natural gas in the country has given rise to many expectations, including the envisaged end to aid dependency, or an end to the government's financial woes, however no one knows how … read more »

Tanzania to Scrutinise Gas Revenues

Updated: Thu 14 Aug, 06:58 am

The government lacks experience in exploiting oil and gas, and will rely on the new unit to monitor contracts with foreign companies tasked with developing its immense offshore finds. read more »