Obama Initiative Aims to 'Light Up' Africa

Updated: Fri 18 Apr, 11:32 am

During his visit to three African countries, President Barack Obama announced an initiative aiming to double access to electricity across in Sub Saharan Africa. A U.S.$7 billion commitment to 'Power … read more »

Tanzania Warned Over Oil, Gas Subector

Updated: Wed 26 Mar, 01:19 am

The private sector has cautioned the government not to make the same mistake in the oil and gas industry as witnessed in the mining sector where multinationals benefited more than the country did. read more »

Nigerians Decry Worsening Electricity Supply

Updated: Fri 11 Apr, 02:58 am

Electricity consumers have lamented the haphazard power supply in the country, despite promises made by the government over the years to ensure stable electricity supply. read more »