Digital Jobs Impacting Africa's Economies

Updated: Mon 30 Sep, 04:26 pm

The phrases "impact sourcing" and "business process outsourcing"- or BPO - are just jargon to most people. But they describe a model of doing business that advocates say could provide 780,000 new jobs … read more »

Senegal - The Invasion of Pornographic Websites

Updated: Fri 17 Aug, 07:13 am 2012

A rights group is calling on the Senegalese government to ban access to pornographic websites which are "gradually taking over the country's cyber space", but others are not so sure. read more »

African Union Set to Toughen on Cybercrime

Updated: Mon 30 Dec, 08:01 am

African Union heads of state who will meet for their summit in January 2014, are expected to vote on a draft cybersecurity convention aiming to protect their nations from cyberattacks on institutions … read more »