S.Africa: 'Chicky Lamba' Viral Video Analysed

Updated: Wed 22 Oct, 04:53 am

Authorities are investigating the assault and alleged kidnapping of Aadil Osman depicted in the "Chicky Lamba" viral video. The Daily Vox presents further analysis. read more »

New ICT Law Aims to Curb Cyber Crime in Tanzania

Updated: Sun 25 Nov, 11:43 pm 2012

The Deputy Minister for Communications, Science and Technology, January Makamba, has described the current ICT policy as too old-fashioned to effectively tackle cyber crime, which police have said has … read more »

Senegal - The Invasion of Pornographic Websites

Updated: Thu 16 Aug, 10:37 am 2012

A rights group is calling on the Senegalese government to ban access to pornographic websites which are "gradually taking over the country's cyber space", but others are not so sure. read more »