Samsung Creates Solar Powered Schools and E-Libraries

Updated: Wed 29 Oct, 09:08 am

Samsung Electronics has changed the face of education across the African continent. Setting up the first solar powered Internet school and upgrading libraries to e-libraries, the company has enabled … read more »

Worldreader Tablets Take Over Classrooms

Updated: Fri 22 Aug, 12:45 am

Worldreader is on a mission to bring digital books to every child and family, starting with schools on the African continent including Uganda, Malawi, and Tanzania.  With the goal to improve … read more »

Software to Help Fight Cybercrime

Updated: Wed 29 Oct, 11:54 am

IBM has announced new high-speed analysis and criminal investigation software that is designed to uncover hidden criminal threats buried deep inside massive volumes of disparate corporate data.  … read more »