S.Africa: 'Chicky Lamba' Viral Video Analysed

Updated: Wed 22 Oct, 04:53 am

Authorities are investigating the assault and alleged kidnapping of Aadil Osman depicted in the "Chicky Lamba" viral video. The Daily Vox presents further analysis. read more »

Use of Thin SIM Card Technology in Kenya

Updated: Tue 23 Sep, 02:12 am

The Communications Commission of Kenya has approved the request by Equity Bank to launch mobile money transfer services by use of thin SIM cards for one year. read more »

What's the Big Deal About Big Data?

Updated: Fri 25 Apr, 04:03 pm

The volume and variety of digital data have grown in recent years, as have analytics capacities - a phenomenon dubbed 'big data'. What drives the promise of big data, what are the risks and … read more »