Bitflux Wins Nigerian Frequency Spectrum Licence

Updated: Thu 20 Feb, 07:30 am

The Nigeria Communications Commission has announced Bitflux Communications Limited as the winner of the 2.3GHz broadband spectrum licence. read more »

U.S.$15 Million Chinese Loan to Complete Fibre Optic Connection

Updated: Thu 23 Aug, 10:49 am 2012

The government of Sierra Leone has concluded a U.S.$15 Million deal with China to allow the country switch on the Africa Coast to Europe cable scheduled for October. read more »

Digital Jobs Impacting Africa's Economies

Updated: Mon 30 Sep, 04:26 pm

The phrases "impact sourcing" and "business process outsourcing"- or BPO - are just jargon to most people. But they describe a model of doing business that advocates say could provide 780,000 new jobs … read more »